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Welcome to CPM Educational Program, an educational nonprofit 501(c)(3) providing exemplary secondary mathematics curriculum and comprehensive professional learning. CPM’s curriculum is written by a team of experienced teachers with an emphasis on problem solving, communication, collaboration, and sense making. Our complimentary professional learning supports teacher expertise, growth, and leadership.

Watch the video for an introduction to CPM. Then review the sections below to learn more about our curriculum and professional learning, see what’s new at CPM, and view/download CPM guides. For more information, see the Contact Us section to reach out to your region’s Regional Professional Learning Coordinator.

Our Curriculum

Informed by research, our CCSS-aligned curriculum builds upon more than 30 years of experience writing problem-based, student-centered curriculum. The embedded mathematical practices found within each lesson focus on big ideas and mathematical connections. Formats available include hardbound, softbound, and eBook (English and Spanish versions).

Check out resources for all of our texts at CPM.org/courses.

Middle School Texts:

Core Connections , Course 1
Core Connections, Course  2
Core Connections , Course 3
Support Course:  Inspiration & Ideas

High School Texts:

Core Connections Algebra
Core Connections Geometry
Core Connections Algebra 2
Core Connections Integrated I
Core Connections Integrated II
Core Connections Integrated III

Transition to College Texts:

Precalculus 3rd Edition
Calculus 3rd Edition
Computer Science Java


CPM Classroom in Action


CPM’s student-centered, problem-based curriculum can be delivered via an eBook, a living textbook. The eBook is not a static PDF but has built-in interactive eTools and Desmos calculators at the students’ fingertips. With the new eWorkspace, students can enter their responses by typing or uploading an image to share their work with their teacher.

Request a preview of the full feature eBook by submitting the CPM eBook Preview Request Form.

Student eBook

Teacher eBook

Our Professional Learning

CPM’s professional learning is a robust, empowering program that seeks to build the capacity of all teachers to have confidence in the mathematical content, plan lessons purposefully, and assess understanding to give effective feedback to students.

The CPM Professional Learning Portal serves as the access point for our professional learning with a Live Events Schedule and Registration page (for both in-person or virtual events), On-Demand Modules, and a  Dashboard personalized for each teacher with their registered events/modules. Login is required. Use the link below to learn more about CPM’s Professional Learning.

Visit Professional Learning at CPM.org.

Other Professional Learning opportunities:

Academy of Best Practices

CPM Teacher Conference

What's New at CPM

Within the Edulastic platform, Edulastic's SparkMath puts pre-built assessment problems for each chapter of CC1, CC2, CC3, Int I, Int II, Int III, CCA, CCG, CCA2 at your fingertips. See Edulastic for pricing and purchase.

Check out CPM’s new fully-integrated formative assessment eBooks feature! Students can submit work and teachers can review and give feedback—all within the eBooks platform!

CPM Guides

Contact Us

A group of experienced CPM classroom teachers, rather than a sales team, serves as the Regional Professional Learning Coordinators for the schools and teachers in their local areas. Contact your Regional Professional Learning Coordinator to set up a informational meeting or learning event for your school or district.

Click the map on the right to email your Regional Professional Learning Coordinator.